Hi, I’m Shengliang Deng. I’m currently a Ph.D. student at The University of Hong Kong, advised by Prof. Heming Cui. I received my B.Eng. degree from The University of Science and Technology of China. My research interests include robotic systems, operating systems, and networking.


  • COORP: Satisfying Low-Latency and High-Throughput Requirements of Wireless Network for Coordinated Robotic Learning (link)

    Shengliang Deng, Xiuxian Guan, Zekai Sun, Shixiong Zhao, Tianxiang Shen, Xusheng Chen, Tianyang Duan, Yuexuan Wang, Jia Pan, Yanjun Wu, Libo Zhang, Heming Cui*

    IEEE Internet of Things Journal

  • CTDMA: Color-aware TDMA Network System For Low latency and High Throughput in Dense D2D Wireless Network (link)

    Xiuxian Guan, Yawei Li, Yuexuan Wang, Zekai Sun, Shengliang Deng, Heming Cui*

    2020 IEEE 17th International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS)